Our Team

Forefront International Corporation is proud of its highly trained and carefully selected team of language and culture experts from all around the world. It is our strong team that sets us apart in the field of language and cross cultural services.

We started our first year as specialist for Europe and very soon grew to all major world language thanks to word of mouth advertisement through our customers.

Our business has been growing  steadily over the years, one satisfied customer at a time. In this way, the growth of Forefront International has been sustainable, adding new languages and culture services as the time was ripe and new qualified team members were hired.

After nearly 25 years we now offer our services in more than 60 languages and cultures. Thanks to our expansive network of professional experts we now work with a successful team from around the world, most of whom are native speakers, near fluent and live(d) abroad. We work with a great variety of specialists, most of whom we have known for years.

Because we know our team so well we know exactly where each team member’s strengths lie. For example, one is a lawyer who can translate legal texts meticulously, the other has a background in marketing and will be able to find the right tone for a website. One language teacher’s strength lies in how clearly she can explain complicated grammar, the other is an expert in getting his students involved in conversations. Depending on our customer’s needs and goals we are able to make an excellent match with someone from our diverse team. Because no translator is equally adept in technical, legal and creative writing and because some teachers work better with certain learning styles we don’t let coincidence decide who will take on a particular assignment.

Our team covers all your language and cultural needs from A to Z. From our Spanish technical translator in Argentina to our Japanese culture expert – and including everything in between.

Looking for a native speaker of Urdu in Michigan, online Italian classes with an Italian teacher in Torino or Dutch legal translations? Our team will be glad to help you!