Destination and Relocation Services

Forefront International Corporation has been offering destination and relocation services since 2002. We have helped many families and individuals, both with getting settled in a new country and with repatriating after a stay abroad. Amongst our contract partners are three large international banks and two international freight forwarders. Our destination and relocation services are tailored to the specific wishes of the client. Sometimes the entire service package is needed, other times a few elements of the package will suffice. We mix the specialties of our language experts with those of our community experts to create the ideal package for the individual customer.

Some of the elements of our destination and relocation service package are:

  • Pre-assignment assessment of needs
  • Cross–cultural training prior to departure or upon arrival
  • Support during a “Look and See” trip: accompanying, guiding and interpreting on location
  • Support before and during the move: contact with moving company or freight forwarder, help with customs, forms, transportation and scheduling,
  • Arrival support: help with formalities with the local authorities
  • Translation of documents
  • Escorting during house or apartment hunting, opening of bank accounts, getting social security number and driver’s licenses
  • Arranging for utility start-ups
  • Orientation in the community: shopping, schools, customs, leisure time activities
  • Information about relevant topics such as:
    • safety and security
    • doctors and healthcare
    • banking: locally and internationally
    • mortgage and rent
    • schools and universities: admissions, registration and payments
    • recreation and sports
    • child care
    • spousal support: exploring and creating opportunities
  • Language training
  • Continuing advice and support, i.e. contact every 4 weeks within the first 6 months and every 3-6 months thereafter until end of the assignment