Language Instruction

Most language schools use one teaching method for all their students. Forefront International does not. We recognize that adults learn foreign languages best in substantially different ways. For example, some prefer a very structured, grammatical approach, others a more intuitive, interactive approach. Our language instructors are trained in various successful language learning methods, so our language classes are custom tailored to meet your needs. Your learning style and the proficiency level which you aim to achieve will determine the method by which you are taught, and not the other way around. We have been offering live online classes successfully for numerous years.

Foreign language instruction at Forefront International is flexible:

  • flexible in the choice of location – our instructors come to your offices or meet with you online, to save you time
  • flexible in scheduling – classes are planned according to your schedule
  • flexible in course duration – from short intensive courses to long-term classes
  • flexible in proficiency levels – ranging from beginners’ level to near-fluency
  • flexible in content of instruction – relating to a specific industry, such as technical, legal, business, medical, or accent reduction
  • flexible in group sizes – one-on-one lessons or group instructions


We will gladly provide you with a certificate upon completion of your course. We work and certify according to the CEFR, The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.